SONY has been operating since 1946 and has become one of the top audio and video brands in the world. For more than 30 years, the production of medical imaging equipment has been added to SONY’s product line. Innovation, using a modern approach, and product promotion are the reasons for the brand’s superiority in the medical imaging equipment industry.

For the past decade, the company has focused on using the latest technology in the world to increase the accuracy and quality of images, and now, improving the quality of workflows in hospitals and clinics is one of the priorities of its research and development team.

Raouf Medical Equipment Group started its business relations as a SONY representative in Iran for consumer goods in 2004, and during this period, we are the only official representative of SONY Medical Equipment in the country. We are proud that in the field of ultrasound rolls, monitors, and medical printers, we have made our medical centers benefit from SONY high-quality products.


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