Raouf, from the past to the present

Raouf Medical Equipment Group, as one of the pioneers in the field of technology and the medical equipment industry, has started its activities in 1997. We have always tried to present our products with a quality that is competitive with the global market, along with the latest technologies in the world and relying on skilled employees. We face many challenges in this way, but we will accept them if these challenges lead to qualitative progress and improvement of our performance. In this regard, having more than 50 sales and after-sales service offices from all over Iran, 5 branches in Tehran, and activities in 7 specialized medical fields, we have been able to have a valuable position in providing medical equipment in Iran.

Raouf is not just an industrial medicine complex. We use everything we have from science and technology to improve health, accelerate diagnosis and treatment, create jobs, and grow national production.


We try to facilitate the national production of medical equipment and job creation in our beloved Iran.

Every year, at least one product is added to the national product portfolio and the best quality products are provided to medical centers and physicians.

In the field of consumption, we complete our product portfolio with the best brands in the global market, and in the field of medical imaging systems, we transfer the latest technologies to our country. We have also localized the acquired technical knowledge to advance the production path based on the factors required in Iran.

In the field of industry, we introduce ourselves well in the market and establish our good faith, quality of production, and services. Even in difficult economic conditions, we strive to be one of the important and effective suppliers.

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We focused on production, employment, and manpower, because they are the most valuable assets of the company. We are constantly training and developing our workforce to make the society in which we work more prosperous.

Also, based on the knowledge-based companies we have established, we always make research obligatory at every stage of our work. Relying on group performance and collective intelligence, we are improving the level of treatment in the country day by day and making it easier for everyone to access the best medical supplies.


Innovation and intelligence

Innovation for us, goes through the path of intelligence in knowing ourselves and the market, diagnosing complications, and challenging the status quo. We always look ahead, so we try to create a good platform for innovative proposals and creative practices by maintaining the positive points and eliminating the side effects.


We owe the respect and credibility of Raouf Group to our quality. In our opinion, quality means the best possible delivery in the fastest possible time and practical and reliable after-sales service. We have tried to respond to customers’ trust by maintaining the high quality of the product and presenting it correctly.

Honesty and ethics

At Raouf Group, we treat people with greatness and respect, actively listen, communicate openly and honestly, and act responsibly. For us, selling a product is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a responsible relationship.


Thanks to God, Raouf Charity Clinic has been able to carry out many medical and non-medical charitable activities for the welfare of needy compatriots. In this regard, we are always grateful to God and one of the most important values of our organization is to continue our charitable work and help our dear compatriots as much as possible.


To keep up with the latest medical technologies, the research and development department of Raouf Medical Equipment Group is very active and provides the latest information to the technical department and respected physicians.

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