NOXERIOR is one of the leading producers of oxygen and nitrogen generators by offering NITROSWING and OXYSWING models. This company was established in 1977 and joined the NOVAIR group since 2016. NOXERIOR has supplied various medical gases systems for use in hospitals and clinics, including medical oxygen generators, medical vacuum systems, and anesthetic gas devices. Also, to monitor the quality and quantity of medical gases in the piping network of health centers, it has designed its specialized products.

NOXERIOR has a very high expertise in the field of medical gases and uses advanced technologies to produce its products and provide safe and reliable solutions. Also, with its expert and trained team around the world, it provides a unique after-sales service anytime and anywhere for the optimal performance of its devices.

The cooperation of the Raouf Medical Equipment Group with NOXERIOR has started since 2000. Raouf Group has been able to satisfy its customers all over the country by importing quality NOXERIOR products.


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