General Medical Merate S.p.A. (GMM) has been operating since 1952 and is now a leading holding company in the world. The company’s products include fluoroscopy, digital radiology, digital mammography, portable X-ray, C-arm, and C-arm surgical bed. Some prominent brands such as MT-MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, MECALL, MERATE POWER, PRIMAX, D/VISION LAB, and IMS GIOTTO are part of this holding.

According to the GMM, the increasing hope for health in the world has led the team to always strive to be effective in diagnosing diseases as quickly and accurately as possible by attracting experts and research in the field of modern technologies.

Raouf Medical Equipment Group has been cooperating with this company since 2013, and we have also tried to achieve these goals in our country. We are pleased that by installing GMM radiography and mammography, we have equipped many medical centers with advanced systems.


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