Raouf Medical Equipment Group is one of the few companies that have all the necessary infrastructure for research and development, design, and production of medical equipment in Iran. It is also one of the leading suppliers of medical equipment, professionally in the field of medical imaging, cardiovascular, infection control, medical gases, operating room, hospital hoteling equipment, and consumables, and works with credible global companies.


According to the needs of hospital centers and to provide high quality and standard products, Raouf Medical Equipment Group has imported essential equipment and supplies for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of cardiovascular problems. Medical stent, balloon, valve, guidewire, inflator, needle, and aspiron catheter are among the supplies that are provided and distributed by Raouf Group. MERIL (India) and SUNNY MEDICAL (China) are among the companies cooperating with Raouf Medical Equipment Group in the cardiovascular field.

hospital hoteling equipment

Raouf Medical Equipment Group, based on the experience gained from years of activity in the field of import and production of medical equipment and with the efforts of the experts, designs and produces industrial kitchen equipment (preparation, cooking, trolleys, washing, shelving, serving, machinery, and refrigerators and chilling), laboratory shelving, hospital stainless steel shelving, and laundry. Raouf’s products are designed and presented with the best materials and based on the latest standards.

Industrial Products

Raouf Medical Equipment Group is not only one of the well-known companies in the field of producing medical and industrial oxygen generators, but also imports these specialized devices along with industrial photography equipment from reputable companies in the world such as ATLAS COPCO, NOXERIOR, and DNP to meet the needs of various industries in our country.

infection control

To improve the safety level and increase the quality of patient care, Raouf Medical Equipment Group has launched a production line of waste treatment system, steam sterilizer, and shredder. In this way, Raouf Group has been able to present its products with high quality and competitive with the world market by using the latest technologies and relying on the skilled and expert staff. The products have valid national and international standards, and their quality has been confirmed by competent centers.

medical consumables

Providing medical and surgical consumables from the best brands in the world, such as EXEL (USA), POLYMED (India), and W.R.P (Malaysia), are just some of the companies cooperating with Raouf Medical Equipment Group.

medical gases

In all medical centers, it is very necessary to provide medical gases for medical purposes in a completely safe manner. For this reason, Raouf Medical Equipment Group, in addition to cooperating with ATLAS COPCO (Belgium) to import oxygen generators, medical air purifiers, vacuum, and oxygen analyzer, operates as one of the main producers of oxygen generators in Iran. Relying on the research and development team, Raouf Group has been able to produce its oxygen generators in accordance with international standards and make a valuable contribution to the health of our compatriots.

medical imaging

Raouf Medical Equipment Group has always sought to provide advanced medical imaging systems from the top brands to enable accurate diagnosis and, as a result, to choose the best treatment method. These imaging systems include digital fluoroscopy, digital radiology, digital mammography, C-Arm, portable radiology, bone densitometry, panoramic, as well as PACS software, printer, and ultrasonic rolls. Among the companies cooperating with Raouf Medical Equipment Group in the field of medical imaging are ACTEON (Italy), BARCO (Belgium), DMS IMAGING (France), GMM (Italy), IMS GIOTTO (Italy), INTERMEDICAL (Italy), SONY (Japan), and TECHNIX (Italy).

surgery room

One of the most important factors in improving the quality of surgical operations and achieving the desired results for the effective treatment of patients is access to efficient surgical tools. With a sense of responsibility and commitment to the health of our dear compatriots, Raouf Medical Equipment Group seeks to provide surgery room tools and equipment from well-known brands in the world. Raouf Group cooperates with ACKERMANN (Germany) and COMEG (France) to import laparoscopy, arthroscopy, gynecology, urology, and ENT instruments.

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