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12 Aug 2023

The second seminar on infertility treatment updates, in Urmia

The seminar on infertility treatment updates sponsored by Rauf Medical Equipment Group will be held for the second time on August 17th and 18th in Urmia. During this seminar, renowned professors from all over the country will provide new infertility treatment techniques to aspiring doctors and surgeons in this field.
In addition, a one-day workshop will be held in the presence of Dr. Salehpour, to provide detailed and practical training on hysteroscopy and how to work with the hysteroscopy pump, hysteroscopy, and imaging systems.
The topics of this workshop are:
• Equipment introduction
• Working with hysteroscopy moulage
• Hysteroscopy pump settings
• Explaining the differences between diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy
At the end of this seminar and workshop, the participants will get conversant with the most modern and efficient laparoscopy and hysteroscopy devices (manufactured by Rauf Medical Equipment Group) that are used in pelvic floor surgeries such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the uterus itself, as well as knowing how to work with them.
It is worth mentioning that this seminar has a retraining grant.

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