Satisfaction of Ghazal Limited Surgical Center Management with Raouf Oxygen Generator
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10 Jun 2023

Satisfaction of Ghazal Surgical Center with Raouf Oxygen Generator

Ghazal Surgical Center is a surgical & beauty clinic. Its main goal is to increase the quality of services in the healthcare system. This Center works with professional plastic surgeons, otorhinolaryngologists and anesthesiologists who all try their best to propose high-level services and satisfy all clients.

In 2020 this center updated some of its equipment and structures besides changing its name from Dr. Dabirashrafi Infertility Center to Ghazal Surgical Center.

Ms Piri the Ghazal Surgical Center manager is delighted with the operation of Raouf Medical Group’s oxygen generator.

“At the end of 2021, Ghazal Surgical Center chose the Raouf Medical groups oxygen generator to install at the site and is satisfied with the oxygen generator operation. An oxygen generator is one of the Raouf Medical Group’s medical gasses products.

Ghazal Surgical Center chose Raouf Medical Group’s oxygen generator because of the Rauf Medical Group’s fame in after-sales services and the update capability of the equipment. Raouf Medical Group’s oxygen generator makes oxygen available 24 hours, and operator and transformation risk is removed. This equipment in comparison with traditional oxygen supplements has economical efficiency.”

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