heart valve replacement surgery
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09 Oct 2022

Raouf Group along with the Surgical Team of Shaheed Rajaie Cardiovascular Hospital

Successful heart valve replacement surgery by TAVI method using Myval valve (Meril) in Shaheed Rajaie Cardiovascular Hospital, Tehran

TAVI: Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Some factors cause aortic valve disease and stenosis. When the valve becomes so narrow that it prevents the proper conduction of blood from the left ventricle to the arteries, a heart problem occurs. TAVI is a minimally invasive alternative to open heart surgery.

One of the successful companies in the production of TAVI valves is Meril, which has supplied the Myval valve according to global standards. Raouf Medical Equipment Group is the official representative of TAVI valves in Iran.

In Shaheed Rajaie Cardiovascular Hospital of Tehran, 6 successful TAVI operations were performed in just one day by the professors of this field and in collaboration with Raouf Structural Heart Intervention team. 3 valves in the pulmonary position and 3 valves in the aortic position.

We are proud to perform 6 valve replacement by TAVI method in less than 5 hours in Shaheed Rajaie Cardiovascular Hospital along with expert surgeons and professors, Prof. Abdi, Dr. Firoozi, Dr. Khalilipour, Dr. Alamzadeh, Dr. Hosseini, Dr. Alizadeh, and other respected colleagues. With this success, Rajaie surgery team and Raouf Structural Heart Intervention team was able to rank third in the world after America and Germany.

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