Waste Treatment System 3Flash

In a Waste Treatment System, the waste must first be shredded. Waste shredding allows the liquid and solid phases to be separated so that liquids can be sterilized separately in the system. By crushing infectious waste, conditions are created that allow steam to penetrate all parts of the waste, bottles, syringes, and all materials in the waste. Infectious waste decontamination autoclave should be designed in such a way that the vapors have the most contact with the shredded waste and the shredded waste does not meet the body of the device.
After the waste is crushed, a more homogeneous composition is formed, which minimizes the risk of sterile error. If hospital waste is shredded and deformed, it can no longer be used and the transmission of diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS to the community is reduced. Also, with the shredding of infectious waste and sharp waste, these medical wastes become more uniform and smaller in volume so that they can be easily transported.

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First, the operator gradually enters the waste into the machine. After entering the machine, the waste is placed on the shredder and crushed into small pieces. The size of the chopped parts can be increased or decreased by changing the size of the blades. The waste is then dumped on a rotating tray. Under this tray, black bags are installed in which solid waste enters the bags and liquids enter the lower holding part through the holes under the bag. During the process of crushing and packing solid waste in bags, the operator can add subsequent bags until the machine gives a message to fill. During this time, the liquids collected under the bags reach a temperature of 90°C while the solid waste on them is still at room temperature.

After the garbage is filled in the bags and the machine gives the message of filling, the operator closes the main door and enters the machine into the sterile cycle. In this case, all parts of the device, including the inlet chamber, shredder chamber, storage chamber for shredded garbage bags, and the liquid chamber under the bags are placed at 121°C or 133°C for 20 to 30 minutes and sterilized. At the end of the cycle, when the machine gives the message of finish, the operator opens the front door of the machine takes out the filled bags and places the empty bag for the next cycle in the machine. After finishing work, close the exit door and the device will be able to work again.

  • Antibacterial filter included
  • The ability to reduce 7D risk level of waste
  • High speed of shredding
  • Equipped with the automatic cleaning cycle
  • During the sterilization cycle, the waste will not be in touch with the chamber
  • The ability to get connected to the central steam system
  • Equipped with intelligent alarm of capacity indicator
  • The ability of condensation exhaust vapor to save water consumption and reduce unpleasant odor
  • The ability to increase sterilized cycles time according to different regulations
  • Designed with two separate doors for entry and exit of waste, with the proper ventilation system
  • Equipped with the automatic door safety system
  • Being equipped of having ventilation fan to eradicate the unpleasant odors of waste and autoclave system
  • The device could provide in the different chamber capacities of 300, 500, 1000, 2000 liters
  • The ability to autoclave a variety of items without shredding or after shredding
  • The shredder system has two engines and four movable shafts that could shred all kinds of biomedical waste
  • Having a flexible lift that the operator can control up to any desired level
  • Having a drying cycle and being able for drying output wastes as much as needed
  • Automatic PLC control for ease of controlling and having only three switches that could control all performances of the machine
  • The ability of recording and print all autoclaves parameters with the name of the hospital, cycle’s number, and serial number of the machine
  • The biomedical wastes would be in a packed bag, which makes it easy for the operator and decreases operator contact with the machine
  • The ability of sterilization in 121°C or 134°C or any other desired cycle time and temperature according to different countries regulations
  • Having certificate from Tehran state and environment department and Iran ministry of health
  • Having one year warranty and ten years after-sales services


220cm Length (L)
120cm Width (W)
260cm Height (H)
2200kg Weight
500lit Chamber Volume

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