Refrigerant Air Dryer FD

Compressed air entering the air net is always 100% saturated. When it cools, the moisture will condense, causing damage to your air system and finished products. By removing moisture from compressed air with a pressure dewpoint (PDP) as low as +3°C / +37°F, our FD (VSD)+ refrigerant dryers significantly reduce system failures, production downtime and costly repairs.
FD (VSD)+ refrigerant dryer is produced in different models to meet the needs of Atlas Copco intelligent solutions for air systems.

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Low Pressure Drop

The lower the internal pressure drop of the dryer, the lower the pressure that you need to achieve with the air compressor, and the less energy the air compressor consumes. We have therefore put considerable efforts into minimizing pressure drop of the FD (VSD)+ dryer.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

A unique combination of high-efficiency components, smart unit design and an advanced control system enables you to achieve average energy savings of 50%. With an FD (VSD)+ refrigerant dryer you can maximize your energy savings from the first minute of operation.

Smart Unit Regulation

It is not only components using cutting edge technology that define the ultimate energy efficiency of the FD (VSD)+ dryers, but also how these components are sized and regulated during operation. FD (VSD)+ dryers are equipped with the Elektronikon Mk5 unit controller. As this is the same unit controller used for our air compressors, it allows an FD (VSD)+ dryer to communicate with an air compressor and avoid energy losses.

EC Cooling Fans

  • Standard on all air-cooled versions
  • Smooth regulation of the cooling air flow based on the unit’s requirements
  • Up to 10% less energy consumption

Zero Loss Automatic Drain

  • Each of the FD (VSD)+ dryer heat exchangers are equipped with a separate zero air loss automatic drain
  • No additional connections or interconnections that could cause leakages or drain system malfunctions

Refrigerant Compressor

  • A high-efficiency scroll refrigerant compressor consumes on average 30% less power than dryers operating with a reciprocating refrigerant compressor
  • The FD (VSD)+ refrigerant compressor is accurately sized for best performance with the lowest energy consumption possible


  • Highly efficient R410a refrigerant
  • Zero ozone depletion and low CO2 emissions

Electronic Valves

  • Increased reliability and regulation efficiency
  • Exceptional robustness due to their operating principle
  • Smooth, modular regulation, resulting in a significant increase of valve lifetime and PDP stability

Heat Exchanger

  • Minimum pressure drops and maximum heat transfer efficiency design
  • Removal of nearly 100% condensate by mechanical separator
  • No consumables

Frame and Canopy

  • All internal components of FD (VSD)+ dryers are installed on a special frame inside a powder-coated canopy
  • Excellent protection of components from damage that might occur during transport, installation, or usage
  • Easy to transport, install and maintain thanks to the small footprint of the frame

Flow Sensor (at the Outlet of the FD (VSD)+ Unit)

  • Standard flow switch algorithm to maximize energy savings
  • In case a zero compressed air flow is detected, the unit controller stops the refrigerant circle
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Smart Unit Regulation
  • EC Cooling Fans
  • Zero Loss Automatic Drain
  • Refrigerant Compressor
  • Refrigerant
  • Electronic Valves
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Frame and Canopy
  • Flow Sensor (at the Outlet of the FD (VSD)+ Unit)

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Our products are among the best and most reliable medical brands, and for this reason, they have high precision and accuracy. These products are very affordable compared to their high quality. Also, our technical support and after-sales service team are ready to meet your needs at any time and in any place.

Yes. Training to work with the device is given by our experts who have official degrees from prestigious national and international schools. These training courses are completely free and continue until you can easily use the device.

You can call the technical support number so that our experts will be on site as soon as possible and take the necessary actions after evaluating the problem.

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