Mobile Oxygen Generator

Mobile oxygen generator, a standard 40-foot container with internal length of 12.03m, internal width of 2.34m, internal height of 2.39m, internal space of 67.7m3, and a maximum load capacity of 26,780kg, in which an oxygen generator has been installed. Therefore, its installation and setting up will be immediate and without wasting time.
The oxygen generator includes a compressor, dryer, bank type oxygen generators, and air and oxygen storage tanks.

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Equipment of Raouf mobile oxygen generator is air conditioner, electrical panel, lighting system, fire extinguisher, air conditioning channel, drain, ducting with 10mm tracking duct, and UPS stabilizer.

  • There is no need to build a room to install the device, and as a result, the cost of building an oxygen generator room and equipping it is eliminated. It should be noted that the mentioned containers are earthquake resistant, and it is possible to put several containers on top of each other like the container depot in the customs and solve the need of the centers for oxygen.
  • Suitable for centers that do not have space to dedicate to an oxygen generator room.
  • It can be used in critical and emergency situations such as corona epidemic.
  • The centers only need to supply the electricity needed for the device and as soon as the container arrives at the hospital, they can take the oxygen they need.
  • Doing all plumbing with copper pipe
  • Compressor and dryer ducting
  • Fire alarm sensor
  • Insulation of channels with stone wool
  • Floor insulation
  • 3mm scratch resistant aluminum flooring
  • Polyurethane spray foam
  • Double-pane windows
  • Normal entrance door of rail aluminum brake
  • Painting with epoxy paint
  • Waterproofing

Internal Length 12.03m
Internal Width 2.34m
Internal Height 2.39m
Internal Space 67.7m3
Maximum Load Capacity 26,780kg

Our products are among the best and most reliable medical brands, and for this reason, they have high precision and accuracy. These products are very affordable compared to their high quality. Also, our technical support and after-sales service team are ready to meet your needs at any time and in any place.

Yes. Training to work with the device is given by our experts who have official degrees from prestigious national and international schools. These training courses are completely free and continue until you can easily use the device.

You can call the technical support number so that our experts will be on site as soon as possible and take the necessary actions after evaluating the problem.

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