Medical Air Purifiers (Raouf)

In hospitals and medical centers, compressed air is used in two cases. In the first case, the patient uses this compressed air directly (ventilator) and in the second case, a device uses this compressed air (pneumatic and laundry devices). If the hospital has two separate pipelines to supply compressed air (medical and non-medical), compressed medical air must be used for patients. But if the hospital has only one pipeline to supply compressed air, it must use medical compressed air for all purposes so that patients are not harmed.
Compressed medical air using the system produced by Raouf Medical Equipment Group, is in the lowest class (1.1.1) in terms of the amount of suspended particles per cubic meter, moisture level, and oil content. It also adheres to the United States Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia standards, which means providing the best quality compressed air.

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Overfilled and Spring-loaded High-performance Desiccant Bags

  • Pressure dewpoint of -40°C/-40°F as standard
  • Filter mat increases silencer lifetime by preventing dust exiting during regeneration
  • Overfilled cartridges protect against desiccant ageing and overflow peaks


  • Pre-filter(s) at the inlet prevents oil contamination, increasing desiccant lifetime
  • After-filters protects the network against dust, avoiding network contamination
  • Can be mounted directly on the inlet and outlet of the dryer, for low pressure drop
  • Easy to assemble and maintain as no extra piping or filter connections are required

Unique Manifold / Valve Design

  • Large pipe diameter minimizes pressure drop for advanced energy savings
  • Electronically operated 3/2 valve reduces risk of breakdowns and offers reliable control during airflow fluctuations. With this new design, vessel switching operates unfailingly even in rough conditions
  • Easy service of the moving parts of the valve systems
  • Clever strainer design minimizes pressure drop, regeneration times and energy consumption. Its “swirl” technology ensures optimal distribution of the airflow and decreases wear of the desiccant

Advanced Control and Monitoring System

  • Timer control variant cycles defined to reach dewpoint target even at 100% load
  • Auto restart after power failure function with cycle status memory
  • Full status annunciation on LEDs, display, and pressure gauges
  • Remote alarm and remote control
  • Purge Saver contact: the dryer can freeze purge cycle in case of unload/stop signal
  • All controls are protected from water and dust thanks to the IP54 cubicle

Dual Cleaning Stage

  • Activated carbon eliminates hydrocarbons (oil vapor, smells)
  • A catalyst converts CO into CO2

Electronic Water Drain

  • Possibility of electronic drainage of water (optional)
  • Overfilled and Spring-loaded High-performance Desiccant Bags
  • Filters
  • Unique Manifold / Valve Design
  • Advanced Control and Monitoring System
  • Dual Cleaning Stage
  • Electronic Water Drain


Air Purification Unit



Our products are among the best and most reliable medical brands, and for this reason, they have high precision and accuracy. These products are very affordable compared to their high quality. Also, our technical support and after-sales service team are ready to meet your needs at any time and in any place.

Yes. Training to work with the device is given by our experts who have official degrees from prestigious national and international schools. These training courses are completely free and continue until you can easily use the device.

You can call the technical support number so that our experts will be on site as soon as possible and take the necessary actions after evaluating the problem.

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