Clinical Oxygen Generator

This device includes one clinical trolley, made of glossy 316 stainless steel, two oxygen generators, with capacity of 10 liters per minute, special drawer for the required accessories and medicines, serum holder, and wheels with ability of 360-degree rotation, and is placed between the patients’ bed. This oxygen generator easily supplies wet and dry medical oxygen in rooms of the medical center and can supply oxygen to two patients simultaneously. Also is an appropriate replacement for oxygen capsules and central oxygen generation system in medical centers. By using this device, we prevent from probable emergence of risk of explosion of the capsule, while decreasing costs of purchasing, charging, and maintenance of the capsule.

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  • Ability to work 24 hours and seven days
  • The possibility of disinfecting it due to the resistant body
  • Plug and play technology and ready to work
  • Having a serum holder
  • Providing 20 liters of oxygen per minute for a patient
  • Designed for clinical use
  • Production of wet and dry medical oxygen continuously by PSA method
  • Ability to supply oxygen to two patients at the same time
  • Reducing the costs of purchasing, charging, and maintaining capsules in medical centers
  • Preventing the occurrence of capsule explosion in the patients’ room
  • Easy transportation in different parts of medical centers
  • Light, low noise, low consumption
  • Suitable replacement for oxygen capsules
  • Equipped with a monitor to show purity, temperature, pressure, and oxygen output
  • Equipped with a smart board and automatic alarm of oxygen purity drop, high temperature, and pressure
  • Mental peace of patients

Dimensions 110cm×60cm×60cm
Weight 60kg
Oxygen Flow Changes 10-20 liters per minute
Maximum Capacity of Oxygen Outlet 20 liters per minute
Sound Volume Maximally 55dB
Oxygen Purity 93±2%
Input Power 50Hz, 220V
Rated Power 3000W
Working Optimized Temperature 5-45°C
Authorized Humidity Less than 80%
Working Authorized Height Up to 4000 meters above the Sea Level

Our products are among the best and most reliable medical brands, and for this reason, they have high precision and accuracy. These products are very affordable compared to their high quality. Also, our technical support and after-sales service team are ready to meet your needs at any time and in any place.

Yes. Training to work with the device is given by our experts who have official degrees from prestigious national and international schools. These training courses are completely free and continue until you can easily use the device.

You can call the technical support number so that our experts will be on site as soon as possible and take the necessary actions after evaluating the problem.

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