Oxygen Pipe Line Analyzer
Oxygen Pipe Line Analyzer

Oxygen Pipe Line Analyzer

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This unit will install in input of oxygen pipe line to hospital or any other critical yard such as operation room and the oxygen
on pipeline will pass through this unit the analyzer will analyze all important parameters of oxygen such as purity , pressure flow ,
temperature, the amount of co , co2 ,… online without any delay 
Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country
70 cm
50 cm
50 cm
90 kg

Could measure online any kind of oxygen parameter

Could record and print any kind of parameter such as purity, pressure, flow, temperature, co, co2, so, so2, dew point or…

Could send command to the backup system to prevent the shortage of oxygen in quantity and quality at the same time

Could send command to use the main oxygen supply and the backup and even reserve in critical situation

Hospital could set different set point for any parameter of oxygen that is needed

The ability to send all required parameter to different area such as control room, engineering room, oxygen operator room, or management room

Ability of send alarms to cell phone

Could connect to the UPS stabilizer for emergency condition

Could install in indoor and outdoor

Could measure the mean and the max of oxygen usage

Could show the graph of usage of oxygen

Ability to calculate the max allowable oxygen of hospital according to the number of beds and outlet, according to HTM2022 or other European standards

The analyzer works for 24/7 nonstop and all sensors are automatic calibrated option also could calibrate separately.

Machine Installation time less than 2 hours

Plug and play