Medical Waste Treatment


The biomedical waste management solution
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3flash waste treatment

One of the most advantages of this machine is that all the waste loads to the machine in plastic bags and will comes out
from machine in plastic bags that is also packed , so the operator does not have any contact with wastes and also the waste
has no contact to the chamber during sterilization cycle.

Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country
220 cm
120 cm
260 Cm
2200 kg
Chamber volume
500, 1000, 2000 & 2500 lit

Antibacterial filter included

Ability of reducing 7D risk level of waste

High speed of shredding

Equipped with automatic cleaning cycle

During sterilization cycle the waste will not be in touch with chamber

Ability of getting connected to the central steam system

Equipped with intelligent alarm of capacity indicator

Ability of condensation exhaust vapor to reduce water consumption and reducing unpleasant odor

Ability of increasing sterilized cycles time according to different regulations

Designed with two seperate doors for entry and exit of waste, with proper ventilation system

Equipped with automatic door safety system

Being equipped of having ventilation fan in order to eradicate the unpleasant odors of waste and autoclave system

Ability of autoclaving a variety of items without shred-ding or after shredding

Shredder system has two engines and four movable shafts that could shred all kinds of biomedicals waste

Having a flexible lift which the operator can controls it up to any desire level

Having a drying cycle and being able for drying output wastes as much as needed

Automatic PLC control for ease of controlling and having only three switches that could controls all performances of machine

Ability of recording and printing all autoclaves param-eters with the name of the hospital, cycle's number and serial number of the machine.